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YES!!! The new fishing report page is done!!! I hope you like it. You will now be able to send me a post on the board. It will have a different look from the rest of my sight, but now I can post pictures with reports and reports can be made from where ever I'm fishing at the time. Click on:                    >http://reelbuzz.com/fishreports/gottafly/
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         Coming soon you will see a new fishing report page. It will be more in a forum page look that you can click on and I will also be able to post pictures on.
        Wind... wind go away! Its been hard to get off the hill lately but things seems to be changing.
         Offshore; Dolphin, Wahoo and billfish is the word, the Tunas have slowed down a lot but the bill fishing is heating up!
         Near shore; Spanish fishing on the beach is going strong. Kings and Dolphin have been good south and a little offshore  of WR4. As with fishing some days are better than others but on the hole not bad.
        Inshore; The Drum have been madding. Finding lots of fish but getting them to bite is tuff. Seem to be eating very small bait, 1/2 to 1 inch stuff. Flounder fishing in the Cape Fear River is ok down at the mouth of the river but  above Snows Cut, the Wilmington side, the water seams to be messed up with a thermal cline and the fish just aren't doing it. The boat traffic this weekend had the waterway turned up side down but it seemed to be turning around today and I think it will be back to normal in a couple of days.
        Be safe on the water. Capt. Lee

         Well I back from the Roanoke River with another good year to report. I was hoping to have the new fishing report page done to so I could keep you informed on to fishing but I guess that good things come to those who wait. Very soon I hope.
          Here on the home front: Near shore, good Spanish fishing on the beach. Kings and some Dolphin out at the 23 mile rock and Frying Pan tower.
          Off shore; good Tuna and big Dolphin fishing. Some Sails and White Marlin are also being caught.
          Inshore; the Drum are biting and some nice flounder are also being caught. I hope to find the Specks biting next week on top water, I'll keep you posted.
           Before I forget it check out the new NC fishing web site. It is very new and small now but it is growing. I'm posting on it and there are some good people working it.
        Be safe on the water, Capt. Lee
        The past week has been great for me, lots of False Albacore (30 + fish some mornings ) and good morning and evening fishing for Atlantic Bonita.
        I will be leaving for the Roanoke River on Friday the 30th and back in Wilmington on May 16th. The Stripper fishing is as good as it gets right now with big fish and 100 + days. I have some great dates open due to cancellations so give me a call ( do not email me as it will be spotty as when I can check my email. 910-350-0890 this number will go to my cell phone and you can reach me on the water.
       Inshore; Drum fishing is getting better as the water is warming up, still have days they don't want to bite as well as they should but much better than the first of the month. The Flounder fishing is still slow and not many nice flounder, most are around 13".
     Offshore; Tunas & Wahoo are the word with some Mahi thrown in. A few Billfish have been caught but the water is cool, 72 degrees was the best that we could find the other day. Best bite has been from the Swansboro hole to Same Old hole.
       Good luck and be safe on the water. Capt. Lee
       Offshore; Tunas and Wahoo from the Steeples to Big   Rock. Best report I had in the last couple of days has been a couple of miles north of the Same Old hole.
       Near shore; Some False Albacore around the Dredge Wreck & the School House. There has been a pocket of warm water near the beach at Frying Pan shoals & I've had reports of good numbers of Atlantic Bonito there. Lots of big schools of  Drum in the waterway from Carolina beach north. I've found numbers of them with as many as 30 to 50 per school, the hard part is getting them to bite. If you move around enough, sooner or later you should find some that will.
      Cape fear River; The Shad run has been a good one with the low water this year. Some Strippers have shown up just down river from lock & dam 1.
       Be safe on the water, Capt. Lee

         Sorry about missing last weeks fishing report but with all I've had going on last week slipped by me and this week almost did.
         Offshore: Out at the Break there are some Tuna early in the morning at first light and some Wahoo down deep. A few nice Dolphin and some nice Kings are also being caught.
         Nearshore; The 23 mile rock is producing some nice Sailfish this week as well as Dolphin, Kings and Cobia. You may also want to check out the 20- 20 off of Topsail, nice Kings and Dolphin are coming out of that area. To the south, not much has been going on from WR4 out to the 200-050 line. The 30- 30 has hade some Kings as well as the Cabbage Patch.
          On the beach, last couple of days we seen the Spanish fishing improve  and the Pogies are thick on the beach. We hade large schools of Jack Caravel in the area and also a couple of Sailfish have been seen.
           Inshore; Drum fishing along the waterway is still good as well as on the beach. Flounder fishing picked up this week and Carolina Beach seemed to produce some nice fish in the 5 to 7 pound range
           If you need some more info. Give me a call and as always, be safe on the water. Capt. Lee
            August is here and Albacore is around the corner. The last week has been good overall but I did have my first day of being skunked, although we did have one King to the boat on a half day, we did not manage to put it in the boat. Other than that we landed a 35 pound Cobia with lots of nice Kings and Dolphin this week. Clear water is hard to find but is out there. Look off shore WR4 and the 23 mile Rock and you should find some. There is a big thermal cline at 40'  so try and set your downrigger to fish the top of it.
             Offshore; Not to much blue water to be found but the boats have been catching nice Wahoo Tunas and Kings with Sails and Dolphin and Black fin Tunas thrown in.
             Nearshore; The AR's have been holding lots of Amberjacks, barracudas, with some Kings mixed in. By far the Schoolhouse is the best. As I said earlier, look for the blue water off WR4 and the 23 mile rock for the best King and Dolphin bite.
             Inshore; Drum, and Sheep Head around the docks. With the latest rain the Flounder fishing will be off and on again but is good around the 5 mile box cars and the Liberty Ship off the beach. Good numbers of Pompano in the surf and some big black Drum have been caught in the Cape Fear River.
            As always, be safe on the water, Capt. Lee
           Its hard to believe July is at a end already, its been a great month with big Sailfish, Kings, Dolphin, Drum, Amberjacks, and Jack Caravel.
           Offshore; Sailfish, Tunas, Dolphin and Wahoo are still being caught and a good Sailfish bite went on this week out there. The Predator boys are fishing it hard and finding the fish. Give them a call at 910- 512- 0847 to book a trip.
           Near shore were catching big Amberjacks, Dolphin, kings mostly. We have had a nice push of big Red Drum in the 30 pound range and today we caught Jack Caravel up to 40 pounds. The 23 mile rock, 10 mile box cars, and the School house reef have been the hot spots this past week.
           Inshore; Sheep Head and Drum have been the hot bite this week. Some Flounder are being caught along with Black Drum. I think we will have a nice run of Pompano in the next 2 weeks. For more information give me a call after 8 pm and I'll to fill you in on more details. Until then Be safe on the water. Capt. Lee
          What a week its been! The Sailfish fishing near shore has been as good as it gets with lots being seen and caught. Congratulations to John Horton for winning the Capt. Eddy Haneman Sail fish tournament this past weekend. Last Thursday seemed to kick the start of the Sailfish bite with the Gottafly landing 2 out of 3 fished we hooked up and seeing 5 in the baits. I also heard that another boat hooked up 4 but don't know how many they landed.
         Offshore; the Predator boys are still on the Tunas, Dolphin  and Wahoo with nice catches almost each time

         IN MEMORY
                  OF                       FRYING PAN

Cystic Fibrosis is again putting on a Mercury Redbone@ Large ( second annual) Cape Fear Red Trout Celebrity Classic tournament on September 24, 25, &26 2004 at Wrightsville Beach.
There is a guides list and as soon as I have it I will post so you will be able to contact them if you are inserted in booking one for the tournament.
In case you don't know the Red Bone tournaments are non profit and proceeds go to Cystic Fibrosis. Please help us with this in any way you can.  I have  added a page on this sight so I can provide you with the latest information. Thanks for your help.
    Capt. Lee


   July: 15,16 & 17
Fifth Annual

Be sure to check out the info. on the Sailfish tournament. You will find all the info. on the tournament there as well as the entry form. Also I have a list of charter boats for hire for the tournament for those who are interested. Feel free to call or email me.   
        Capt. Lee
    Thanks to all those that have participated in the past to make this charity event so successful and continuing to grow. You cant beat Wrightsville Beach sportsman for there Support.

For more information please contact Kimberly Pate,
Special Events Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Raleigh, NC  1-800-822-9941