July through September

         This has to be one of the most wonderful times to fish the NC Coast. The Spanish & King Mackerel, Dolphin, & Sailfish move within a mile of the beach & inlets. It's so cool to see the Sails come 10' from the back of the boat to attack the bait behind the teasers and then jump like there is no tomorrow as they try to throw the hook. To watch a King sky out 5' to 10' in the air as it crashes a bait...or a Dolphin make the 100 yard dash on top of the water, "gray hounding" as it makes its way into the spread to eat...to hear the planer rod or the down rigger snap & the clicker on reel the scream as "mister big" takes off with a 100 + yards of line...It doesn't get any better than this!                       
        Then there is "Wreck Fishing". What a blast!! Teasing up the  "Bullies", Amberjacks, with poppers that have no hooks, to the back of the boat so you can cast light tackle or fly rods to them….hang on as they try to take you to the wreck and pull you to your knees! You may also want to send a jig deep to the wreck and catch Grouper, Black Sea Bass, Silver Snapper, "B" liners, or hook in to a big Barracuda.                                 
               "Wreck Fishing" is SO…. COOL!!!!!!!!

October  November At Cape Look Out NC

        The best way to describe this is "WORLD CLASS"!!!  You never know what the day will bring. Whether you fish for the big King Mackerel or the False Albacore, you won't be disappointed. October is Capt. Lee's favorite time to be there. The weather is warmer, the winds are lighter, the bait balls are making up, and the large Spanish Mackerel (up to 9 pounds) are mixed in the bait balls along with the Albacore, Sharks and Hound Fish.
         The big Kings (up to 60+ pounds) are still inshore, hungry and ready to eat before the water temperature falls and they move to the offshore wrecks, ledges and hard bottoms. There is a lot to do in there in October.
        In November the big Albacore move in as the water temperature cools down, along with the rat Blue Fin Tuna (30 to 40 pounds) and the large Jack Carvel (up to 40 pounds). The bait balls are tight and the Bunker are moving out of the Sounds into the ocean. By the end of the month the big Blue Fin and Whales are arriving. If you've never seen Blue Fin eat Albacore like Albacore eat Glass Minnows this is something you need to see!
        Have you ever had a "bait ball" hide under your boat and the Albacore in large numbers stay and feed until they eat all the bait, or catch 20 Albacore out of one "Bait Ball"? It takes the right Captain to do it and Captain Lee is the one to do it with!
        December is the time for Grouper fishing. Captain Lee likes to do it, with very light lines and rods. Fishing over the wrecks, ledges & hard bottoms with 12 to 15 pound test rods and lines as his tackle of choice to gives you the thrill and challenge you came for.
        Most of these dates fill up quickly, so you will need to book well in advance to be assured of getting the dates you prefer.


December & January: Big Strippers & Duck Hunting

       At the end of  False Albacore fishing we go right into fishing the big Strippers ( 20 to 40 pounds) at Cape Lookout...sight casting or trolling using light tackle of fly to catch them.
       To offer you the finest in NC ducking, Gottafly Guide Service has gone in with Down East Guide Service and Four Seasons Guide Service to expand our leases… now with 3 private impoundments and 6 miles of leased shore line with nice comfortable, dry blinds and large spreads of decoys that you DON'T have to take in at the end of the day, you can have a relaxing day in the blinds with your friends while we fix Steaks & Oysters.
While Duck hunting does start in December we offer cast and blasts with duck hunting in the morning and fishing the big Strippers in the afternoon...a great way to spend the day.
       We offer ducks hunts for; Sea Ducks, Bluebills, Canvasback, impoundments hunts for Teal and puddle ducks and much more.
       Be sure to call early to get the best dates as this books up early on!